What is release agent? What’s the principle of its demolding?

deawa®Release agent is a high polymer composite, which repel strongly epoxy resin and polyester resin. 
The demolding of release agent is based on 2 points: first is vertical separation by the repelling force between release agent with resin; the second is horizontal separation by its own lubricity. 

Why are all successful companies using release agent? 
A lot of companies compared mold release wax to release agent, and find that the release agent far better than release wax, significantly improve the product quality and lower down the cost of production. Therefore, they begin to use the release agent instead. 

What are the remarkable advantages of release agent?
● Significantly promoted demolding efficiency: The efficiency of release agent is 5-10 times higher than mold release wax.
● Significantly shortened mold coating: It only costs 1/4 of the time for waxing. 
● Slow mold smudging: With a 0.1-1μm solidified film that is oilproof, antifouling and hard to be smudged, it is no longer a painful job for workers to clean the mold. It saves workers’ time on mold cleaning and extends the mold’s service life.  
● Hardly any transfer of the agent: The solidified film formed by the release agent does not only stick tightly to the mold surface but resists high temperatures above 400℃ and repels resins. There’s hardly any agent transfer. It significantly reduces the polishing time in the late period. How many hours would be saved annually if 2 hours for polishing gets saved daily?  
●The withdraw force is reduced by over 30%! The operation is easier, especially for specially shaped products. 
● It fixes up micropores on the mold and makes the mold smoother as time goes by.