About Us

Maikos Composites Co., Ltd, a high-tech company with independent intellectual property rights, is committed to the R&D, production and sales of release agent products in the field of carbon fiber and glass fiber. In the past 16 years, we have focused only on release agent based on the in-depth technical cooperation with Chinese Academy of Sciences and German Research Centre. 
Our products are advanced on a global scale. Maikos has two sub-brands: Maikos® and Deawa®. 

Release agents produced by our company have been widely applied to wind electricity, automobile, aviation, military, grating, mannequin, bathroom accessory and other industries. Our products are everywhere in fields where carbon fiber or glass fiber is applied.  

16 years of professional technology accumulation has led to our ultra-strong competitiveness:

● In term of the function and quality of release agent, we are absolutely a global leader;
● We provide 100% customized design based on customer’s specific requirements on product and technology;
● Our team provides on-site solution within 24 hours for any product problem.