Wind Power

Core requirements of wind power industry on release agent:

In the production of turbine blades of wind driven generator and large-type cabin covers, epoxy resin infusion should be done within enclosed vacuum mold cavity. In this closed environment, temperature changes continuously for a few hours. Therefore, it is very demanding on the temperature stability of the release agent.

The significant features of deawa® release agents in production of wind power:

High heat stability:
The temperature curve of deawa® release agent shows almost zero drift in physical and chemical performance.
Excellent effortless release:
Comparison test results show deawa® release agent has the smallest withdraw force among all existing release agents.
No agent transfer:

Biological microscope shows that the transfer rate of deawa® release agent is lower than 1‰. The product surface is smooth, so the time of filling and polishing is significantly reduced.

deawa® Release Agents Features in Wind Power Industry





Minimal Withdraw


Dirt  Resistance

Resist Build Up

Easy Coating

Good Lubricity

High Heat Stability

Class A Finish

Strong Paint Adhesion

Safe and Environmental

Short-time Operation




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