Global Marine composites market will continue to grow

According to the transparency of market research released a new report, global demand of 2012 Marine composites valued at $954.6 million, is expected to reach US $2019 in 1.5496 billion, from 2013 to 2019, a compound annual growth rate of 7.0%. 

The report called for powerboat, sailing, cruise ships and other Marine composite material (carbon fiber reinforced plastics, glass fiber reinforced plastic, foam core material and other) - global industry analysis, market size, equity, development, trend and forecast, 2013-2019.The transparency of the market research report also pointed out that the construction of the large leisure yachts and Marine composites of technological progress to promote the Marine composite materials market.

In the next few years, the development of the shipbuilding industry in China, South Korea and Oceania region is likely to become one of the key factors to promote Marine composite requirements.However, the environmental protection laws and regulations in the Marine composite material industry especially in Europe for the strict limits of styrene, is expected to inhibit the growth of the market.Nonetheless, biological plastic demand increases, the autoclave presoak material market is rising, they are expected to bring in the next few years Marine composites market growth opportunities. 

Glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRPs) most widely applied in the field of Marine composites, and occupy the major share of revenue in 2012.GFRPs relative to other materials, light weight and low price, is the most popular Marine composite materials.With the rising demand for powerboat and private ships, GFRPs demand also increases.Foam sandwich material is the second largest products, Marine composites market is expected to gain more market share in the near future

Other Marine composites, such as metal composite materials, the autoclave presoak expected, the fastest-growing market is expected to become a Marine composites products.2012 Marine composite materials is the largest application field in the cruise, is widely used in the deck, hull, masts and other internal components.Powerboat (medial, lateral and stern drives) is the second largest application areas, Marine composites may continue to grow in the coming years.Marine composites, however, other applications, such as private boats and jet skis are likely to stand out, in the near future to form the growing market demand. 

After Europe, because the private boats and small ships increased demand, the North America in 2012 to become leader of the Marine composite materials market.The asia-pacific region is expected to be revealed to the market growth potential.China and South Korea because of the development of the shipbuilding industry, the demand for Marine composites is likely to increase.The industry is expected in 2013 and in 2019 the demand for Marine composite stability.