Fiberglass products

Core requirements of fiberglass reinforced plastic products and yachts on release agent:

Serve for part surface gloss: high surface gloss means less post-finishing operation, can reduce manpower and materials cost greatly.

Multiple releases : multiple releases can improve the productivity by batch production and higher release efficiency.   

No surface dirt and easy mold cleaning :release agent should be anti-dirt, can reduce dirt on the mold surface, which is sticking to tool, and very difficult to remove. 

No wax: wax cause mold easier to be dirt, product surface lackluster, and lead to waste manpower to clean mold and polish product, which sometimes lead to scrap product.

The significant features of deawa® release agents in production of GFRP products and yachts:

High gloss surface: deawa release agents provide a series of release agents for GFRP products manufacture, some models can make part surface directly up to class-A;

Excellent effortless release: comparison test results show deawa® release agent has the smallest withdraw force among all existing release agents;

Maximal multiple releases: 20% higher than most of release agents in market;

Fast clean mold solution: deawa® developed especial mold cleaners which can clean mold in 15 minutes/per M2;

No gel coat crack: with the process instruction of deawa® release agents, the gel coat will never cracks or layer separated.

●No need wax: release agent is enough to get excellent release effect, deawa® release agent can seal the micro-pores on mold surface, serve for mold surface smoothness and multiple releases.

Saving cost and improve productivity: using deawa® release products can save material cost and improve productivity greatly by reducing repeat applying release, reducing post-finishing operation and the effective mold maintenance solution which simplify mold cleaning process and prolong mold cleaning cycle-time.  

Deawa® Release Agents Features in fiberglass Reinforced Products and Yachts Industry

Multiple Releases

Surface gloss



Prolong Mold Cleaning

Sealing Performance


Fast Cure

Abrasion Resistance

No Transfer

Strong bonding to mold surface

Fast Levelling

Release Agent No Shrinkage

No need wipe








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