Core requirements of transportation on release agent in

● High gloss/ Class A surface : Release agent should not generate any dirt, or dirt transfer to product surface subsequently , which results in rough and lackluster product surface.
● Multiple release: multiple releases can realize batch production, improve productivity and enhance enterprise’ competitiveness

The significant features of deawa® release agents in production of transportation:
● Excellent multiple release :The efficiency is more than 20% higher than regular release agents.

Excellent multiple releases: the efficiency is 20% higher than regular release agents.

No gel coat crack:follow the usage instruction of deawa®, the gel coat will never crack or layer separated.

High surface gloss: deawa release agents provide a series of release agents for GFRP products manufacture, some models can make part surface directly up to class-A.

Saving cost and improve productivity: using deawa® release products can save material cost and improve productivity greatly by reducing repeat applying release, reducing post-finishing operation and the effective mold maintenance solution which simplify mold cleaning process and prolong mold cleaning cycle-time.

deawa® Release Agents Features in Wind Power Industry
Feature Model Multiple Release

Product Surface gloss

Resist Build up


No Transfer Minimal Withdraw Force Sealing performance


Paint Adhesion

Fast Levelling No need wipe Prolong Cycle-time of Mold Cleaning

Highly Recommended ● Recommended ◎ Applicative