Advanced Composites

Troublesome in advanced compositions mold release process:

Flakes on the product: Flake on advanced carbon fiber product especially 3K carbon fiber cloth is a big trouble to many enterprises;
Rough product surface: It causes a serious waste of manpower in filling and polishing;
Surface dirt: Epoxy resin residues on the mold surface, tightly sticking to the mold, are very difficult to be removed;  
Wihdraw force: Epoxy resin of prepreg is sticky especially, which makes it often difficult to release.  
Release agent transfer: Release agent penetrate into the product, this will cost more manpower to do surface treatment in subsequent process.

The significant features of deawa® release agents in production of advanced composites:
No flake:  No white crystals or dirt will be produced and shift to the carbon fiber surface or get inside of the product. 3K carbon fiber won’t be worn through due to hard polishing, thus product scrappage can be reduced.   
Shining product surface:  Products produced with deawa® release agent have smooth and bright surface. Time for filling and polishing will be reduced by more than 30%.
No more worries about mold dirt:  We provide the whole solution of release agent plus mold cleaner, which can make mold cleaning fast and easy. 
The smallest withdrwa force:  It is an ultimate solution to product demolding. Once the mold is dissociated with product, the product gets out automatically. 
Economize manpower:  There is no release agent transfer to product surface, this reduce polishing and grit blasted in subsequent process.