Winding Pipes

Core requirements of winding pipes on release agent:

Effortless release :in fiber winding molding technology, the friction between mold and fiber layer is very big, mold withdrawing is a primary issue.  

Low cost: the release agent consumption for each part is quite large in winding pipe manufacture. Therefore cost is essentially important. 

The significant features of deawa® release agents in production of winding pipes:

Minimal withdraw force: test shows that the withdraw force of deawa® release agents is less than 2/3 of other release agents. This is because the unique formulas of deawa® release agents.

Saving cost and improve productivity: using deawa® release products can save material cost and improve productivity greatly by reducing post-finishing operation and the effective mold maintenance solution which simplify mold cleaning process and prolong mold cleaning cycle-time.

deawa® Release Agents Features in Winding Pipes Production
Feature Model Effortless Release Good Lubricity No Scale Depositing Short-time Operation Surface Tense High Heat Stability Product Surface Gloss Easy Coating Fast Levelling