Bathroom Accessories

Core requirements of bathroom accessories industry on release agent

●Due to the special product features of bathroom accessories, difficult release and high failure rate of mold release are rather common.
●Customers in market of bathroom accessories are demanding on product’s surface gloss.

Core requirements of artificial stones industry on release agent
●Sufficient multiple release: Improve the productivity through batch production and high demolding efficiency.

The significant features of deawa® release agents :

Excellent effortless release comparison test results show deawa®  release agent has the smallest withdraw force among all existing release agents; it is an ultimate solution to mold release. Once the mold is dissociated with product, the product gets out automatically.

Maximal multiple releases: 20% higher than regular release agents. The productivity of artificial stones product manufacture can be remarkably promoted.

High surface gloss: deawa release agents provide a series of release agents for GFRP products manufacture, some models can make part surface directly up to class-A.

Fast clean mold solution: deawa®  developed especial mold cleaners which can clean mold in 15 minutes/per M2.

Saving cost and improve productivity: using deawa® release products can save material cost and improve productivity greatly by reducing repeat applying release, reducing post-finishing operation and the effective mold maintenance solution which simplify mold cleaning process and prolong mold cleaning cycle-time.

deawa® Release Agents Features in Bathroom Accessories and Artificial Stones





High Surface gloss

Minimal Withdraw Force

Prolong Cycle-time of Mold Cleaning

Multiple Releases

Short-time Operation

Fast Leveling

High Abrasion Resistance

Surface Tension

Sealing Performance

Strong bonding to mold surface

Gel Coat Surface

Acrylic Applicable

No need wipe

High Lubricity











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