Outstanding Mold Sealer

Mold sealer is a sealing agent that fills the micropores on mold surface, used in order to optimize the mold surface evenness, and further, to improve the product glossiness, smoothness, prolong mold service life, and serve for the efficiency of demolding. 

deawa® mold sealer has even more outstanding performances:
●Stronger permeability: Wipe lightly and the mold sealer can reach every micropore of the mold surface! 
●Stronger filling performance: The sealer gets filling the micropore and cure just within a few minutes!
●Higher durability: It sticks tightly to the mold even after repeated demolding! 

deawa® Mold & Sealer Features
Sealer ;Performance Minimal Withdraw Force Strong Adhesion Fast Cure Fast Levelling Thermal Endurance High Abrasion Resistance Fast Penetration High Rigidity
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