Core Advantages

Maximal multiple releases: 20% higher than most of release agents in market.

High heat stability: the temperature curve of deawa® release agent shows almost zero drift in physical and chemical performance. 

Excellent effortless releasecomparison test results show deawa®  release agent has the smallest withdraw force among all existing release agents.

No agent transfer: biological microscope shows that the transfer rate of deawa® release agent is lower than 1‰. No transfer on product surface means less post-finishing operations. 

High gloss surface: deawa release agents provide a series of release agents for FRP products manufacture, some models can make part surface reach high gloss class-A directly.

Fast clean mold solution: deawa® developed especial mold cleaners which can clean mold in 15 minutes/m2.

No gel coat crack: with the process instruction of deawa® release agents, the gel coat will never cracks or layer separated.

No need wax: release agent is enough to get excellent release effect, deawa® release agent can seal the micro-pores on mold surface, serve for mold surface smoothness and multiple releases.

Saving cost and improve productivity: using deawa® release products can save material cost and improve productivity greatly by reducing repeat applying release, reducing post-finishing operation and the effective mold maintenance solution which simplify mold cleaning process and prolong mold cleaning cycle-time.