Japan FRP light hydraulic water generator put into use

Benz city factory self-developed CAPPA light water type hydroelectric generator recently put into use in fukushima. 

The traditional small hydroelectric generator for "drop", if artificial gap requires corresponding civil building.To improve the capacity, also need to consider the corresponding growth of the cost of civil building, the construction process of damage to the environment and space limitation. 

Ibaraki factory production of the CAPPA hydroelectric generator applied advanced physics and technology, to achieve "no artificial fall of on any account is doubling capacity".Through its unique shape of the propeller and the glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) made of barrel body, bucket cappa generator capacity of 4 times higher than traditional propeller generator, desciption of 1.75 meters of water, water can provide 160 watts of continuous power.If used with battery together, the power to raise several times and there is no problem. 

CAPPA generator of size is about 832 mm, inner circle about 770 mm long, 665 mm high, weighs about 57 kilograms.In water can reach 1.1 ~ 4.5 meters wide and 50 centimeters of above water depth, flow velocity under the condition of about 1.5 ~ 2 m/s, CAPPA generator can not heavy machinery auxiliary, by two workers human complete the installation.Ibaraki factory says, will face the following market popularization and promotion CAPPA hydroelectric generator:

A. As enterprise such as disaster prevention with standby power. 
2. The factory drainage water reuse in the system and reduce the environmental burden of the enterprise. 
Three. In the power to reach areas as against beast electric fence, lamp of preventing crimes, crime camera power supply.
4. As a popular new energy consciousness and the tools of environmental education in schools and other promotion (has been put into use in fukushima primary school)