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Instant-brightening Mold Cleaner

Does your company still clean molds this way?

The resin and wax residues on the mold surface, with a nature affinity with molds, stick tightly to them. Currently, more than 95% enterprises still use sand paper to clean dirty molds. 1-5 hours needs to be spent on polishing and buffing one square meter of a dirty mold, which results in a large waste of manpower; additionally, sand paper cleaning causes direct damage to the thin layer of gel coat, which seriously shorten the mold’s service life. This is how your company clean molds, isn’t it?

Why is deawa® release agent an instant brightener?
deawa® release agent fixes the problem according to chemical principles! With the unique formulation, you need only 15mins to thoroughly dissolve the mole surface dirt. The time for mold cleaning is reduced by 90%.
Besides, there would be no damage to the gel coat or metal, the mold’s service life can be significantly prolonged.

deawa® Mold Cleaner Features
Feature Model No Corrosion Thermal Endurance Easy Cleaning High Gloss Quick Dissolve Dirt Clean Wax Deposit Clean Resin Deposit Prolong Mold Service Life Clean Wax and Resin Deposit Fast Levelling
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